Bills are sent once a month (twelve bills per year). The billing cycle is established according to the billing "district" you live in, not the anniversary date that you signed on for service, hence every Friday a different district is billed.  In the near future we will have a map notating the district your property address is located in as well as which Friday of the month your account is billed.

  • Water bills are due and payable upon receipt.

  • Bills will be considered delinquent if not paid within 30 days after the bill date.
    • Customers are notified of a past due balance by specific methods~        
      • A reminder (delinquent)  notice is mailed and a $20 late fee is assessed to the next month's billing.
      • The past due balance is notated on the next bill 
      • An automatic caller leaves a message to the phone number on file, a text to a cell phone number, and/or an email alerting customer there is a past due balance - please call customer service at 307-235-8400 with phone number or email address changes.
      • If this bill remains unpaid 45 days, a $35 late fee is assessed to the next month's billing and the water will be disconnected.
        • Past due account balances must be paid in full and payment of a deposit may be required before services are reconnected at a property. 


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