Accessory Buildings

Sheds, Garages and Accessory Buildings

Detached garages and accessory buildings such as sheds, carports, etc., are allowed in all zoning districts; however, City ordinances regulate the size, setback and location. Before building or placing a detached garage or accessory building on your property, refer to Section 17.12.121, Garage and/or accessory buildings of the Casper Municipal Code. Below are a few of the guidelines contained in this code.

  1. A building permit is required for accessory buildings 120 square feet in area and over. One-story detached accessory buildings such as tool and storage sheds, playhouses, and other similar uses under 120 square feet require a no fee fence/accessory building permit. All garages and/or accessory buildings must meet setback requirements for that zone. Garage/accessory buildings are measured at the maximum exterior wall dimension. Contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.
  2. No detached garage and/or accessory building, or portion thereof, may be built upon a public easement;
  3. Detached garages and/or accessory buildings shall not exceed 15% of the total lot area associated with the primary residence or 1,500 square feet, whichever is less. A conditional use permit approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission is required for buildings that exceed 1,500 square feet or cover more than 15% of the total area of the lot;
  4. Shall be similar in design, exterior residential materials, and roof pitch to the principal and/or surrounding residential neighborhood buildings and vertical metal siding is expressly prohibited;
  5. A conditional use permit approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission shall be required for detached garages and/or accessory buildings that exceed twelve feet in an exterior wall building height above the finished floor, measured at the primary access to the building.
  6. If used for off-street parking, must be accessible from a street, paved alley, or driveway intended to serve such off-street parking;
  7. Parking surface shall be covered with concrete or asphalt concrete pavement materials in accordance with the city’s standard specifications for street construction;
  8. Carports: Requires a monolithic slab with vertical strapping and/or concrete anchors and must be approved by the Building Inspector;
  9. Must be engineered for wind load and snow load requirements within the City of Casper;
  10. Where multiple lots of record have continuous frontage and are under single ownership, detached garages and/or accessory buildings may be constructed on a separate lot which is adjacent to and contiguous to the lot upon which the principal building is located, subject to all other requirements of this section and after approval of a conditional use permit.
  11. A detached garage and two accessory buildings may be allowed in association with the principal building. The detached garage is limited in size as set forth in this section, and the two accessory buildings shall not exceed a combined total of four hundred square feet in area.