Henry And the Artic Blast   
A Visit from An Arctic Blast

By the City of Casper

‘Twas the nights before Christmas, and all through the house,
One creature was stirring – Henry the mouse.

A deep freeze was coming to Casper that night,
The thought of his pipes bursting gave Henry a fright.

But fret not, dear Henry, for it’s really quite easy
To prevent your pipes from all of that freezing.

Keep your faucets dripping throughout the night,
And open the cupboards so the pipes are in sight.

Turn your heat slightly higher than you typically would
And against the arctic temps your house will have withstood.

Keep your home warm and cozy – just like a present
And thankfully your plumbing will stay beneath the cement.

Henry, save your pipes from bursting, and a hero you’ll be,
So you can drift off to sleep, freeze and worry free.

All of Casper - happy Christmas, to young and to old,
May your holidays be warm and bright – even through this cold.